The UltimateStager Academy™

Having a lifelong passion for home and design led me to create a premier Home Staging Company in Toronto and followed later by The UltimateStager Academy™.

As a Certified UltimateStager™ working as a Home Stager in Toronto, I take great pride in making a difference in my clients’ lives by helping them realize the full potential of the sale of their home.

As an instructor, I take pride in inspiring my students to pursue their dreams in a career in the Home Staging & Redesign Industry.

I realize that over the years, your home has become a reflection of you and your family. It has character, comfort and style. Everything is how you want it. Every picture, vase and knick knack on display tells a story. Each piece has a special place in your home and in your heart.

However, I have found as a Home Stager in Toronto, the way we live in our home is not the best way to market our home. When a decision to sell has been made, it is time to turn your home into an appealing  property for sale. Your home becomes a product on the market and like any product, it must show well to achieve the optimum sale.

Understandably, it can be difficult for people to allow a stranger to come into their home and make suggestions to them on how their home can look better. As a Certified UltimateStager™ & Professional Home Stager in Toronto, I have seen many homes in all kinds of conditions.

By having your home professionally staged with The UltimateStager Academy™ method, we will create the “wow factor” for potential buyers, motivating them to buy your house over all the others. They will want to move right in!

As an experienced Certified UltimateStager™ Home Staging Professional, who has staged millions of dollars of real estate, I understand the psychology of buyers! Our specialized approach to Home Staging utilizes a proven process that gets results!

Eileen Taylor Home & Design also provides Home Staging Training Programs and Business Coaching under our The UltimateStager Academy™ brand. For more information on our training programs  click here