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Become a Certified Home Stager & ReDesigner From Home

Our powerful Home Study Program enables you to become Certified UltimateStager™ & ReDesigner from home. Learn on your schedule, when it works for you, from the comforts of your own home. This is the same program we teach at our Academy in our in-class sessions. You will receive constant feedback and encouragement as you proceed through the program. You will achieve full USC™ Certification, learning directly from Eileen Taylor, USC™ industry veteran, award winning home stager and co-founder of The UltimateStager Academy™. You will also receive tele-coaching from Greg Taylor, the Staging Business Guru. And with our premium home staging support, we will be with you every step of the way. After you graduate, you will be ready to run your own home staging business or if you prefer, get a great job working for other stagers or directly for real estate agents, staging their properties. Isn’t it time you loved your job?

Online Home Staging Course - USC™ Certification Seal

The USC™ Certified UltimateStager™ & ReDesigner Certification is a premium Home Staging Certification. Displaying the USC™ Certification reflects that you have been professionally trained and certified and operate under a Code of Conduct reflecting the highest ethical standards. This certification verifies your professionalism in the industry and provides you with instant credibility.


Is Home Staging Right For You?

Do you have a passion for decorating and design? Would you love having a career that lets you help people? How about doing a job that excites you everyday and is rewarding; sound good? If you answered ‘yes’ to the following questions, a Home Staging career is for you! Being able to work for yourself and having a flexible schedule that you dictate is another great perk of being a Home Stager. Just like not everyone has the time or ability to book valuable time away from their family responsibilities and work commitments to take an in-class course, not everyone has the ability to work full time. That’s not an issue with Home Staging, because you can do part-time or full-time; whatever works for you.

So What Do Home Stagers & ReDesigners Do?

The Home Staging Industry is a growing industry and Home Stagers are constantly in demand since Real Estate Agents see the value in staging their properties. Home Stagers have many roles, such as:

  • Doing Home Staging Consultations to explain to the client what opportunities the property has
  • Performing full Home Staging jobs for clients in all types of properties – from quaint bungalows to executive model homes
  • Organizing furniture rentals and accessory purchases to best showcase a staged property
  • Transforming areas so that they are most appealing to anyone walking through the space
  • Helping  clients through the exciting time of buying/selling a home
  • Performing Colour Consultations to enrich the natural shape and lighting of rooms
  • And much, much more..

ReDesigning has to do with clients not when they are selling their home, but when they are buying and moving into another property. A property is to look one way when it’s being sold, while it is completely unique and customized to the users when they actually live there. ReDesigners bring out the best qualities in a property so they are comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing to live in.

Online Home Staging Course - Need Professional Training

Why Choose The UltimateStager Academy™?

  • You’ll become a Certified Home Stager
  • You get a Home Staging Course and a Business Course all-in-one
  • The full 400 page Collection plus Workbook will teach you everything needed. You’ll learn how to:
    • Perform Home Staging Consultations
    • Successfully stage houses, condos, vacant properties, and everything in between
    • Do Room Makeovers and Colour Consultations
    • Price and quote all types of jobs
    • Showcase all styles of properties – quaint bungalows to executive model homes
    • Establish, grow and market your Home Staging business
    • Make your Home Staging clients your ReDesign clients

In one comprehensive package, you will learn what would otherwise take you years to learn on your own. You will acquire all the tools and confidence to move forward with your dream of becoming a successful Home Stager & ReDesigner.

Professional Business Training is Included in Your Online Home Staging Course

While having the knowledge of Home Staging and ReDesign is great, it is all but useful without the business training to transform that knowledge into a successful Home Staging & ReDesign business. For that reason, this Online / Home Study Course teaches you all aspects of running a Home Staging business. It will cover:

  • Business start-up and the creating of your business plan
  • Business name selection and registration
  • Powerful and effective marketing and branding techniques
  • Proper pricing and quoting of your Home Staging services
  • Social media as a marketing tool – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Your Online Home Staging Course Package

As a student of The UltimateStager Academy™ you will receive all the tools necessary to become the successful Home Stager you’ve always dreamed of. You will receive:

  • USC™ Home Stager Certification – to use on all your marketing and business material, in addition to the Certification Seal
  • The 400 page coloured USC™ Home Staging Business Course Collection
  • USC™ Home Staging Business Course Workbook
  • Free LifeTime Home Staging Support
  • Free live one-on-one business coaching session with business guru Greg Taylor
  • Listing in the UltimateStager™ Home Stager Directory
  • And of course, the confidence and knowledge to now turn your passion into your career!

The USC™ Home Staging Business Course Collection

Online Home Staging Course - Introduction & ConsultationsIntroduction: You will learn the fundamentals and history of the Home Staging Industry, why Home Staging has become such an important aspect of the Real Estate Industry with such explosive growth and popularity, and why there has never been a better time to be a Home Stager. You will learn our unique approach to Home Staging and why this approach brings success to our Graduates. 

Home Staging Consultations: Discover how to successfully plan and execute a Home Staging Consultation – everything from what to bring to checklists outlining step-by-step what to do.

Online Home Staging Course - Staging & Showcasing

The UltimateStager™ System: It is here that you will learn the tried and true Home Staging method adopted by all Graduates of The UltimateStager Academy™. This proven system will enable you to get consistent and positive results each and every time.

Showcasing: Learn about showcasing all types of properties, utilizing The UltimateStager™ methodology.

Online Home Staging Course - Accessories, Inventory & Furniture

Accessories, Inventory & Furniture Rental
: Here you will learn how to accentuate any property through select Home Staging accessories and furniture rental. You will learn how to select and facilitate the best pieces to create the ideal look. Discover how accessorizing and furnishing a home can transform any space into a beautiful space.

Online Home Staging Course - Properties, ReDesign, Room Makeover

All Types of Properties: You will develop the expertise to stage all types of properties – from condos, to occupied homes, and vacant properties. Each type of property presents its own challenges and opportunities – learn to provide the ideal solution in each scenario. 

ReDesign & Room Makeovers:  Whether your clients have just moved in to a new property, or are simply looking to refresh their home’s look, as an UltimateStager™ ReDesigner you will bring out the best qualities in a property so they are comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing to live in. From Colour Consultations to Room Makeovers, here is where you will capitalize on your love for interior design and decorating.

EXTRA: The cultural Chinese art of Feng Shui is a popular segment of our Courses. Learn all about the forces and energy that interconnect everything in the universe and how that energy is applied to balance, orientation and the creation of positive energy and harmony in the Home Staging field.

Online Home Staging Course - Business & Marketing

The Business of Staging: Everything you need to know about the business side of Home Staging. This program is designed to have you open for business when you complete the program. Every aspect of operating a Home Staging business is covered – from business start-up, establishing your brand, pricing, and the business fundamentals which will be key to your success.

Marketing: This powerful marketing segment will cover all aspects of promoting your business. Our 18 Point Marketing Plan is covered in detail as well as tried and true marketing techniques including the ever important new field of social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

Online Home Staging Course - Workbook

Workbook: Your Home Staging Workbook contains all your exercises and quizes that will be completed as part of your program. In addition, included are all the sample forms and agreements that you will use not only throughout the course, but also while running your business afterwards. Not to mention the six page UltimateStager™ Vendor List containing all the suppliers and vendors that you will utilize on a day-to-day basis. Please note that all forms and documents will also be provided to you in electronic format.

Free Bonus

In addition to all of the above, you will as a bonus, receive a beautiful Deluxe Benjamin Moore Fan Deck! After learning all about the Language of Colour in the Course, you will be able to provide the massively popular colour consultations to both your Home Staging clients as well as your ReDesign clients. This ability in combination with your USC™ Certification will put you ahead of the pack!

Online Home Staging Course - Fan Deck

Your Full Online Home Staging Course

Online Home Staging Course - The Package


Support For Your Online Home Staging Course

Eileen Taylor Home & Design

Home Staging Support Plan

This is a FREE support plan that is included with your course.

You will have all the information and resources you need at your fingertips, giving you the confidence to take on any job and succeed.

With our Home Staging Support Plan, you can contact Eileen Taylor directly through the Home Staging Hotline, anytime.

Whether you’re looking to place a special order, require access to our team of stagers, or simply need some advice on which accessory to choose, this support plan is in place to help you.

Whatever you need, we are here for you.

This plan is unlimited and never expires.

Online Home Staging Course - On-Site Mentoring

Business Coaching With A Guru

Online Home Staging Course - Business Guru Greg Taylor

Even Olympic athletes have coaches… We understand that the one person it makes sense to go to for help when you’re doing something new, is someone whose been there and done that. Even better if they’ve done it for 25 years! With this Course, you’ve got it.

Included in the Online Home Staging Course you will receive a free live one-on-one business coaching session with business guru and co-founder of The UltimateStager Academy™, Greg Taylor, USC™.

All of your questions will be answered, and you will be guided in the right direction to best further your Home Staging business.

In other words, this Course provides you with all the tools and support you need to get your dreams up and running.




Online Home Staging Course - Satisfaction Guarantee

The UltimateStager Academy™
Satisfaction Guarantee

Online Home Staging Course - UpgradeGraduates may upgrade to an in-class course by simply paying the difference for 3 Years!

Why do we offer this? We offer this to give you peace of mind. Should you feel that given the vast amount of information covered in the course, that you would benefit from attending the course, you are welcome to do so. Of course, just as the Graduates from our in-class courses, all Online Home Staging Course Graduates also receive The UltimateStager™ LifeTime Home Staging Support Plan: should you have any Home Staging questions, anytime, call Eileen directly and she will be happy to help.


The UltimateStager Academy™ Home Staging Courses are ideal for those who have never run their own business but have the desire to learn. For those that have some sales and business experience, this course will help build the business and marketing foundation specific to the home staging and redesign industry. This online Home Staging Course is designed to give you the confidence and knowledge to pursue your entrepreneurial dream, all within the convenience and comfort of your own home and schedule!

We do encourage students to, if at all possible, register for our in-class program. Our in-class courses offer the best experience for our students. However if that is not possible, the Online Home Staging Course is a great alternative.


Ready? Here Is How It Works

  1. Call to order by phone, by Interac e-Transfer or online with your credit card or through PayPal
  2. We ship the complete Online / Home Study Course the next business day
  3. You go through the material at your own pace utilizing the Workbook
  4. As you have questions, you call our Mentoring Line for ongoing personal support
  5. When you are ready, you attend your live coaching session by phone
  6. Once you have completed the program, we send you your Home Staging Certificate
  7. You can continue to call us as often and for as long as you need

Book Your Course Today by Phone at 1-888-883-2688 or Online Below

You may purchase your home study or in-class course through our secure online store. You may pay by Credit Card or Visa Debit through PayPal.

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